Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Secure Impact Marketplace?
We connect a network of agricultural stakeholders so that everyone can find opportunities.
We help farmers connect to farmers and key farming trusted advisors such as Agents, Accountants, Bankers, Brokers, Agronomist and Insurance to establish key relationships to benefit farmers. We're working smarter not harder to boost the Ag Industry.

What listings are on the Marketplace.
Service Professionals - Agents, Accountants, Bankers, Brokers and Insurance Rural Property Listing - free
Livestock Listing - free
Water Listing - Free
Events Listing

What listings are on the SecureX Exchange
Timed Listings 1-10 days
Fixed Price Listing
Private Invite Only Tender, Auction
Property Auction.
Check out Property Auction FAQ's
Know what's happening in the Market
It's easy to find opportunities on the Marketplace and SecureX Exchange.
Search allows you to see all postings made by buyers and sellers.
Find what is relevant to your business.
Watchlist notifies you about postings you are interested in.
Fees & Pricing
Secure Impact Marketplace- Free listing on the platform, you can upgrade at any time on the Silver and Gold Membership.
SecureX Exchange - Membership Subscription varies from Free, Silver and Gold Levels for marketing advertising on the platform.  For all transacted successful listings, there is a success fee.
Tender - both parties pay a small connection fee to Secure Impact only when a agreement is made. Fee is based on the tender specific deal.

Fees & Pricing
SecureX Exchange Property Auction - Listing advertising fee and success fee if you sell the property. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Property Auction Listings
Getting Started for Agents
Transparent and regulated
  1. Property is inspected within the marketing period
  2. To register for the auction- you register with the agent and satisfy the 100 point ID check (as per NSW Govt regulations)
  3. Once registered a email with Bidder ID will be sent to you. All information is confidential and your privacy protected.
  4. Agent will permit all registered bidders to the auction for the specific property.
  5. At no time are you obligated to bid.
How do I bid on an online auction?
Register as a bidder with the agent (refer above),  find the property you wish to bid on and when the auction is open your agent will approve your access, you can place your bid.
Fees & Pricing
SecureX Exchange Property Auction - Listing advertising fee and success fee if you sell the property. Contact here for more information.
I don't want to bid, use watchlist to follow the auction?
Yes. We understand that you may want to see how the online auction works. If you're interested in the auction but not making any bids, simple add the auction into your watchlist.
If you add to your watchlist, you may be contacted for post-auction negotiations in the event of the highest bidder not reaching reserve and declining to negotiate.
Is there a reserve price?
Yes. Unless listed as Unreserved. 
How do I get started, I want to list my property?
If you feel you can self manage the sale process as a tender or private treaty you can list on the Secure Impact Marketplace. If you would like to auction your property with an agent or an agent looking for a marketing platform for their auction. Contact us and we will help you get the best outcome for your property.
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